By Steve Crawford in on March 15, 2012


I remember the toys that my sons played with years ago. They were called “Transformers”. They would literally change from one form to another. In the make-believe world of a kid, they would change from something seemingly mundane to something powerful. That is a picture of what should be happening to us as followers of Jesus. We are to be changed. When changed, we are more useful in His Kingdom. So, what is this change supposed to look like? We are supposed to change into the image of Jesus. When we become more like Him, we are equipped to love and serve others.

Romans 12:2 says to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This is an ongoing process, not just a one-time event. There is a transformer that is currently powering your house or office. It is working 24/7, changing raw power into something that you can use for your lights, heat, computer, etc. If it is made useless by accident, lightning, or even vandalism, the power stops. We are left in the dark, and our equipment is of no value. We need to stay plugged into our source. The Holy Spirit provides the power to change us. When we allow it, we become more like Him

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